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A burger to savour

British and Irish pulled beef burger in a buttery brioche bun – it’s easier to eat than say

We have added a new dish to our ever-growing highly popular gourmet burger range.

Our NEW British and Irish pulled beef burger joins our superb collection of beef, grilled chicken and fried buttermilk chicken burgers. Our 6oz British and Irish beef patty is served with pulled British and Irish beef brisket which has been slow cooked with cumin, coriander, chilli and British ale.


The brisket cut of meat is located between the shoulders and the forelegs. These muscles get a good workout and are also well marbled, making them a fabulously flavoursome cut. The open-grained texture and depth of flavour of the cut make it perfect for slow cooking. The beef brisket, together with the 100 per cent British and Irish beef burger (always fresh, never frozen), is served with a blue cheese sauce on the base. This delicious combination is accompanied by crispy Cos midi leaf lettuce, fresh tomato and red onion.


It is all stacked in a buttery brioche bun and served with chips and six onion rings, as with all of our gourmet burger options. This new addition joins our extensive range of gourmet burgers, including our original gourmet chicken burger (either grilled chicken or fried buttermilk chicken), with bacon and a Monterey Jack cheese & pepper sauce. Launched earlier this year, our Empire State burger and New York deli burger are fast becoming firm Wetherspoon favourites.


The Empire State burger is a double beef burger with gooey American cheese slices and maple-cured streaky bacon. A Wetherspoon twist on the ever-popular double cheese & bacon burger, this is made with our 100 per cent British and Irish beef patty. Our homemade mustard mayonnaise in our New York deli burger complements the traditionally pressed pastrami perfectly. Our premium beef pastrami is made using an authentic curing method and is served with our popular gherkin slices. Check out our gourmet burgers and dogs range, all served with chips and six onion rings, as well as your choice of drink from our meal-deal range, all included in the price.

Empire State Burger