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Brand-new burgers

Our British beef, brioche bun and bespoke burger sauce are paired with a gherkin in one of three new burgers.

Our Wetherspoon gourmet burger range just got bigger – offering more choice, big flavours and tempting tastes for every palate.

A drink is included in the price, as part of your burger meal. Choose from our range of over 30 quality branded soft and alcoholic drinks, including great craft beers like Sixpoint Bengali, Devils Backbone American IPA and Shipyard American pale ale.

New! Ultimate burger

Bacon, Cheddar cheese, signature burger sauce, gherkin   

The new ultimate burger has a bespoke signature burger sauce, exclusive to Wetherspoon, and is served in a squishy, all-butter brioche burger bun, made to our own special recipe.

Tangy gherkins, known as ‘pickles’ in the US, can be found on our ultimate burger. This young fruit variety of cucumber is a traditional accompaniment for your burger.

New! Rarebit burger

6oz beef patty, bacon, rarebit sauce

Why not try our new rarebit sauce? It’s made using great British ingredients, including British mature Cheddar cheese, and blended with Worcestershire sauce and English mustard, as well as British amber ale. Paired with bacon and beef, it’s a British classic.

New! BBQ burger

Bacon, Cheddar cheese, BBQ sauce

Available as beef or grilled chicken or fried buttermilk chicken.

Bacon, cheese and BBQ sauce forms a classic American combination and works perfectly on your beef, chicken or buttermilk burger.

Beneath the bun

We use 100 per cent British farm-assured beef – guaranteed – and all of our burgers, seasoned with a little salt and black pepper, are always fresh, never frozen.

Our crisp and crunchy Cos midi lettuce leaves, served in your burger, are grown specially for Wetherspoon. When the great British weather and summer allow us to, this happens right here in the UK.

Our gourmet burgers are served with onion rings, made from whole onions and dipped in a beer batter, as well as chips, made from 100 per cent British potatoes. We serve in excess of 83 million chips every month, all sourced from over 250 Red Tractor-assured farms across the UK.

Also on the menu…

Classic burgers

With chips

Fried buttermilk chicken burger
Breaded whole chicken breast escalope

Grilled chicken breast burger

Classic 6oz beef burger

Skinny chicken burger

Grilled chicken breast with salad, instead of chips

Vegetable burger

Gourmet burgers

With chips, six onion rings

Original gourmet beef burger
Bacon and a Stilton, Shropshire blue & spring onion sauce

Original gourmet chicken burger
Grilled chicken or fried buttermilk chicken – bacon, Monterey Jack cheese & pepper sauce.

Californian burger
Grilled chicken or fried buttermilk chicken – bacon, avocado.

Texan burger
Beef burger, chilli con carne
or vegetable burger, five-bean chilli, cheese

Tennessee burger
Bacon, honey glaze, made with Jack Daniel’s® Tennessee Honey.
Available as beef or grilled chicken or fried buttermilk chicken.

BBQ hog burger
BBQ pulled pork, cheese.
Available as beef or grilled chicken or fried buttermilk chicken.