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Chillax to the max with new iced cappuccino

We know that our customers across the UK and the Republic of Ireland love the taste of Lavazza at their local Wetherspoon.

Now, you can enjoy the distinctive flavour of Lavazza Italian roast coffee, with a cool twist, with our NEW Lavazza iced cappuccino.


Launched in the UK this summer, this premium ready-to-drink iced cappuccino, chilled and served over ice, is crafted with Lavazza’s characteristic blend of Italian roast coffee.

Teaming up with PepsiCo to launch this new indulgent iced coffee, Lavazza offers ‘indisputable expertise in high-quality coffee-sourcing and -roasting’, while PepsiCo adds its ‘beverage know-how’.

It is a delicious and intensely rich espresso shot, blended with milk and chilled, made with carefully selected coffee beans sourced from across the globe.


Enjoy an iced coffee on a warm day or for an afternoon pick-me-up, whatever the weather, at Wetherspoon.

A deliciously uplifting espresso shot is balanced with velvety-smooth milk and blended to perfection, serving up the characteristic flavours and aromas made famous by the Lavazza master coffee experience… with an icy twist.

Italy’s favourite coffee, Lavazza is synonymous with quality coffee all over the world, coming directly from more than a century’s passion for coffee, experience, research and innovation.


Since 1895, the Lavazza family has been devoted to the pursuit of coffee perfection – and our customers have been enjoying Lavazza in our pubs since 2005.

Like Wetherspoon, Lavazza is an innovator – and its NEW iced cappuccino highlights that. Enjoy it at Wetherspoon.

Lavazza iced cappuccino is not part of our free refills offer.

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