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Hard Seltzers

Making a splash – water from across the pond

Hard seltzers, cans of alcoholic sparkling water, have seized drinkers’ imagination in the US – and could be about to do the same in our pubs.

Alcoholic sparkling water, who knew?

Ever the innovator, scouring the global market to source exciting new and on-trend products for our customers – Wetherspoon, that’s who.
Our pubs are now serving hard seltzers, a brand-new range of low-calorie, low-carb, low-sugar, vegan-friendly, alcoholic sparkling water drinks.

Quite simply, it’s water, alcohol, bubbles and a hint of natural fruit flavour in a can.

With six new choices, all in different fruit flavours, our new alcoholic drinks (4.0–5.0% ABV) all weigh in at 100 Calories or under, for a 330ml serving.

A smash-hit US trend, now taking the UK by storm, hard seltzer is a new, refreshing, light, effervescent alcoholic sparkling water drink.

Hard seltzer is more subtle in taste than more traditional, sweet-tasting, premixed canned cocktail drinks, with less sugar and lower in calories.

Our six new hard seltzer drinks are Bud Light seltzer lemon-lime and Bud Light seltzer strawberry (4.0% ABV, 95 kcal each),

Mike’s hard seltzer raspberry and Mike’s hard seltzer black cherry (5.0% ABV, 100 kcal each).

Kopparberg hard seltzer mixed berries (raspberries, strawberries and blueberries) and Kopparberg hard seltzer passionfruit (5.0% ABV, 93 kcal each).

Bud Light seltzer is fruity fizzy water with a kick (the kick is alcohol). It’s a light, bubbly, refreshing drink, with natural flavours and a hint of fruit.

Mike’s hard seltzer, first launched in 2019, is alcoholic sparkling water with a twist, with natural real fruit flavours and no artificial sweeteners. It is a refreshingly light new type of alcoholic drink.

Kopparberg hard seltzer is an alcohol-infused sparkling water, full of the flavour for which Kopparberg is famous. Inspired by the US boom, this is gluten free and vegan friendly, expertly developed with the UK consumer in mind.

Join the in crowd and discover what the fuss is all about. Try a brand-new, low-calorie, light, refreshing hard seltzer drink this summer at Wetherspoon.