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Top Brands

Sensible prices

Our top brands showcase our commitment to great quality and value, with something for everyone.


There are two new additions to our top brands range.

The first is brand-new Bud Light, the USA’s number-one beer brand, at a great introductory price. Bud Light is a light-tasting lager with a crisp, smooth finish. Also new to the range is Ruddles, a classic ale made with Red Tractor-certified ingredients.

Other drinkers can still enjoy Magners Original on draught, and John Smith’s – whether you call it Smith’s, smooth or bitter.

NEW! Bud Light 3.5% ABV, pint

NEW! Ruddles 3.7% ABV, pint

John Smith’s 3.6% ABV, pint

Magners Original 4.5% ABV, pint


Our miniature bottles of Prosecco and sparkling rosé are more than just cute – they’re great value for a glass of bubbles.

Top Brands

Also in our top brands is our full-sized, 750ml, bottle of Prosecco or sparkling rosé.

At such a great price, you can toast even the most minor achievement, as if you need an excuse. At the same time, with such a quality wine, we’re sure that it’ll be perfect for celebrating the biggest accomplishments too.

Teresa Rizzi Prosecco 11% ABV

NEW! Teresa Rizzi Sparkling Rosé 11.5% ABV


Captain Morgan spiced rum has long been a favourite on the Wetherspoon menu, and Captain Morgan white rum is an easy-drinking spirit, perfect for mixing.

Top Brands

Why not try a rum storm? Choose your favourite rum to mix with a can of Old Jamaica ginger beer for an extra 30p.

Also in the top brands range is Jim Beam. Hailing from Kentucky, USA, it’s a classic whiskey (yes – the ‘ey’ is there on purpose) which has been brewed by the Jim Beam family for over 200 years.

Captain Morgan white rum 37.5% ABV, 25ml

Captain Morgan Original Spiced Gold 35% ABV, 25ml

Jim Beam Bourbon Whiskey 40% ABV, 25ml



We believe that craft beer should be defined by innovative and artistic brewing, not eye-watering prices.

Top Brands

Uprising Treason West Coast IPA is a bright green can of bold flavour. This dark amber beer has a spicy bitterness and hoppy aroma.

Sixpoint Bengali IPA hails from Brooklyn, USA. We’ve worked with Sixpoint for several years now, and this beer has stayed a firm favourite among our customers.

Crafty Dan 13 Guns American IPA is a Londoner. This light amber beer boasts intensely hoppy, malty flavours.

Sixpoint Bengali IPA 6.5% ABV, 355ml

Uprising Treason West Coast IPA 5.8% ABV, 330ml

Crafty Dan 13 Guns American IPA 5.5% ABV, 330ml



Price and participation may vary per pub.