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Top Ten - your favourite drinks at great prices

We’re committed to bringing you great value – which is why we’ve packaged a range of groovy drinks as the ‘TOP TEN’

Below are our Top Ten – the drinks we think showcase our commitment to great quality and value.



John Smith’s 3.6% ABV, pint

Price: £1.99

Whether you call it Smith’s, smooth or bitter, we’re sure you’ll love the price.

This is a classic pint which needs no introduction – just a cool, clean glass and that careful pour.



Magners Original 4.5% ABV, pint

Price: £1.99

This classic Irish cider is available on draught for just £1.99, chilled straight from the tap.

Magners still holds true to its original secret recipe, created by William Magner in 1935; this includes maturing the cider in the dark for up to two years. Click here for more information about Magners.



New! Captain Morgan White Rum 37.5% ABV, 25ml

Price: £1.99

New to Wetherspoon and our rum shack is Captain Morgan White Rum.

This easy-drinking rum is perfect for mixing. For something a little different, why not try it with pineapple juice?



Captain Morgan Original Spiced Gold 35% ABV, 25ml

Price: £1.99

This spiced rum has long been a favourite on the Wetherspoon menu, and customers traditionally mix it with Pepsi or Pepsi Max – although it tastes great with cranberry juice too.



Jim Beam Bourbon Whiskey 40% ABV, 25ml

Price: £1.99

This Bourbon can be enjoyed on the rocks, with a mixer or on its own.

Hailing from Kentucky, USA, it’s a classic whiskey (yes – the ‘ey’ is there on purpose) which has been brewed by the Jim Beam family for over 200 years.



New! Uprising Treason West Coast IPA 5.8% ABV, 330ml

Price: £1.99

We believe that craft beer should be defined by innovative and artistic brewing, not eye-watering prices.

If you enjoy trying something new and authentic, why not spend your £1.99 on a can of Treason’s dark amber IPA? We give it a full review here




Sixpoint Bengali IPA 6.5% ABV, 355ml

Price: £1.99

This hoppy craft beer hails from Brooklyn, USA. We’ve worked with Sixpoint for several years now, and this beer has stayed a firm favourite among our customers. It can be enjoyed as part of our club drinks range.

We’ve also introduced a new Sixpoint beer to the menu – although, at 9.1% ABV, we’ve priced Resin Double IPA slightly higher than its cousin Bengali!



Crafty Dan 13 Guns American IPA 5.5% ABV, 330ml

Price: £1.99

This light amber beer is a Londoner, with intensely hoppy, malty flavours.

It’s a must for beer-lovers and can be enjoyed as part of our ‘includes a drink’ range.



Teresa Rizzi Prosecco 11% ABV, 200ml

Price: £3.75

Our miniature bottles of Prosecco are more than just cute – they’re great value for a glass of bubbles.

You can read more about the history of Prosecco and Teresa Rizzi’s unique wine here




Teresa Rizzi Prosecco 11% ABV, 750ml

Price: £10.79

Don’t worry – we’re not repeating ourselves. Rounding off our top ten is our full-sized, 750ml, bottle of Prosecco.

At such a great price, you can toast even the most minor achievement, as if you need an excuse. At the same time, with such a quality wine, we’re sure that it’ll be perfect for celebrating the biggest accomplishments too.

Price and participation may vary.