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International brewer: Belgium

The beer

Brombeer Freddy Export
East Flanders, Belgium. Est. 2019
4.6% ABV

Aroma: Zesty, aromatic, fresh
Taste: Dry, grapefruit, refreshing
Colour: Pale; very light; blond; straw
Hops: Citra, Columbus, Jester, Summit

Freddy Export IPA is a real-ale adaptation of Freddy Export beer, made with local ingredients for a local bicycle race called Allez Freddy, in Rozebeke, Belgium.

A refreshing, citrusy beer, using wheat grown in Rozebeke, it was brewed in Brouwerij Stokhove to help as funding towards the protection of the beautiful village of Rozebeke.

In Freddy Export IPA, the hops used are Columbus as the kettle hop (for bittering, used in the boiling process), Summit and Jester during whirlpool hopping (later in the process, to enhance the aroma) and Citra and Jester for dry hopping (after fermentation), making it citrusy, zesty and very aromatic! In the malt bill, wheat malt is included for that Belgian witbier touch…

Peter Croonenberghs has travelled to Banks’s Brewery (West Midlands) to brew this session IPA for us. It is pale amber in colour, with a fruity aroma and plenty of citrus notes throughout, balanced by a moderate malt flavour, leading to a soft bitterness and dry, refreshing finish.

The brewery
 Brombeercompagnie has always brewed in guest breweries as a technical and recipe consultant for the host breweries. It all started in 2011, when Gino Deruewe asked Brombeercompagnie to help with starting the beautiful Cerceveria Isla Verde in Tijarafe (La Palma, Canary Islands). After that, it just never stopped…Later on, Brombeercompagnie started organising courses and workshops at different levels, under the name Brewed – when Sandra Vanhove (PhD polar scientist) joined the brewery. Together, they organised workshops for hobby brewers (bootcamps in guest breweries), started craft breweries (masterclasses) and did in-house training, team-building and guest brewing.

When Brombeercompagnie helps a brewery, it always tries to integrate local farmers’ products, like hops, herbs and grain. The original Freddy Export was created in Brouwerij Stokhove, a brewery commissioned by Brombeercompagnie, run by Jan Dewaele and Levi Hogenhall.

Meet the brewer
Peter Croonenberghs made wine and cider with his father – and got the brewing itch. He has been a Belgian brewing engineer since 1988, working his way up the business from very small breweries (making bottled lambic beers) to very big Belgian and French breweries.

Teaching brewing technology in CVO Gent and having brewed since 1995, he started the freelance brewing, consulting and engineering business Brombeercompagnie in 2011, brewing project beers and helping start-up breweries in Belgium, Holland and Spain.

He loves real ale because of the traditional way in which it is brewed and treated, along with the excitement of combining old traditions with modern ingredients and brewing techniques. One of Peter’s highlights was brewing a beer made in honour of Jan Van Eyck, the famous Flemish painter.