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Our People

How do I apply to work for Wetherspoon?

You can apply to work at our pubs or head office, using our careers website: 

If you have any queries about a pub vacancy, please contact the team directly by either visiting the pub or calling the team. Telephone numbers can be found using our pub-search.

How much do you pay your pub staff?

We pay a minimum starting rate of £7.60 to over-21s and £6.15 for 18- to 21-year-olds*. We also offer competitive salaries to managers and head-office staff.

What benefits do employees receive?

  • All of our pub teams have the opportunity to earn up to 19% in bonus paid monthly. Last year, our associates earned an average of £30 each a month as a bonus.
  • Guaranteed minimum-hours contracts available.
  • 50% off food and meal deals, while at work.
  • 20% off food and all drinks, when off duty, in any JDW outlet, for you and up to three guests**.
  • 20% off Wetherspoon hotel rooms.
  • Paid holiday.
  • Free shares.
  • Award-winning training.

Do employees retain all of their tips?

Any tips paid to employees are retained by them. The company does not manage tip payments on a local or national basis or impose any charges on employees. 

Do you support work experience programmes? 

We support entirely voluntary work-experience programmes, in particular those for the young, the disabled and ex-military. These are programmes where candidates will not lose any benefits, if they do not participate in the programme. Candidates are paid to complete this experience.

We do not support work programmes, if attendance is mandatory for benefits to be retained.*Pay rates may vary, depending on location. Some benefits require a qualifying period of service.

**The 20% discount (to purchase alcohol) cannot be used by under-18s, for themselves or for consumption by someone who is over 18.