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Christmas Gift Ideas

Need a little gift inspiration? Look no further!

Any ale-lover would surely be delighted to receive a fantastic selection of craft beers – and we have an impressive range to choose from.

Our complete range of bottled and canned craft beers is now available to take away, in our take-home carry-box containers, each carrying four beers at a time.


Looking for something exclusive and not your usual brew? How about Sixpoint Resin and Bengali? ..both exclusive to Wetherspoon.

Based in Brooklyn, USA, Sixpoint Brewery offers two of its great American IPAs – the double IPA Resin (9.1% ABV) and Bengali IPA (6.5% ABV) – available exclusively at your local Wetherspoon.

Select any of our craft beers at the till to take away – and enjoy the choice and convenience of our ‘bottle shop’ selection.

Don’t know which beers to choose, but still want to give a Wetherspoon gift? Our first-ever gift card option may be the perfect solution to your Christmas-present problem.


The credit-card-style plastic gift card is now available to buy in all Wetherspoon pubs – simply ask at the bar in your local… and purchase that Christmas treat today.

You can choose how much you want to give, from £5 to £500, all loaded and activated at the till. It is a hassle-free way to give a gift to others, so that they can enjoy Wetherspoon – on you.

Quick and simple to use to purchase food and drink at any of our pubs across the UK, as well as to secure accommodation at any of over 40 of our hotels nationwide.

How about a more traditional gift of a book, but one with a quirky Wetherspoon twist?


Writer and broadcaster Kit Caless has launched his book ‘Spoon’s Carpets’ – a must for Wetherspoon fans, carpet-design enthusiasts and collectors of the unconventional.

Originally the subject of an online blog, Wetherspoon’s carpets became such a talking point on social media that Kit was approached to write a book on the subject.

It features photographs and descriptions of more than 75 carpets from Wetherspoon’s pubs across the UK, collected by Kit and his band of Wetherspoon carpet-spotters.

Published by Square Peg, the hardback book ‘Spoon’s Carpets’ is priced £8.99 and is available from bookshops, online from Amazon and in a selection of our airport pubs for a limited time over December 

Whether it’s craft, cards or carpets – consider a Wetherspoon gift idea this Christmas.